The Alabaster Box. Week 2- Sept 2018

By Pastor Binoy Cherian.

Mark 14:3-9

Just as the woman came and broke the Alabaster Box, today we are going to look at the process of breaking down.

Three kinds of Breaking down:

  1. When others break you down: This is a very painful process and at the same time it does no good to us.
  2. When you allow yourself to be broken: This is when you surrender yourself completely and allow GOD to intervene and break you and mould you as HE pleases. This process breaks you down but at the same time it breaks you with a purpose to build you up even more magnificently. This is a painless process as you allow yourself to be broken, HOLY SPIRIT breaks you without any resistance from you and so work is done smoothly.
  3. When GOD breaks you against your will: This is a painful process, GOD gives us chances upon chances to come back to HIM but when we continue resisting HIS call sometimes GOD has to intervene like a Father who against HIS son’s will stops him from going out in the rain to play, for the son it is painful but the Father knows better, playing in the rain will cause cold and fever. Likewise when GOD breaks you against your will it will be very painful but GOD always has greater purpose for you when HE breaks you down.

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