Our Story

We are a kingdom focused ministry having a vision to “Build Kingdom Communities” based on kingdom principles. Our aim is not just to have churches with thousands of people but also to have thousands of churches in India and all over the world. We are not restricted to only church activities but also in to various things that would bring the illumination of Christ into the lives of people. To achieve this we intend to start orphanages, old age homes, jail ministry, remand home and rehabilitation ministries etc. We also believe through education we can bring the enlightenment of Jesus. And hence posses the vision to start Bible colleges, schools for under-privileged and mobile school that would take education to many mobile communities of the society. Apart from this we want to join in building homes through marriage counseling, premarital, marriage seminars etc. Yes, its a vision beyond the capacity of human endeavor. So, we trust the Lord Almighty to provide us with right people having the right motive and full of passion, operating under the divine wisdom to take it up and do it all as unto the Lord

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