Enrichment class is a 12 weeks class designed in a way that will help believers know why we believe what we believe.  

We learn from topics such as these  

  1. Jesus Among other Gods:  

We learn how JESUS stands out special among other gods by comparing the teachings of all other major worldviews.  


  1. Can we trust the BIBLE:  

People in today’s day question the authenticity of the Bible saying it’s a 2000+ years old book how do we know anything written in it is true or not. How can this book be relevant in our time and culture because it was written in a different time by people who were culturally different.   

Specially Muslims who say the Bible what we have today has been corrupted and is no longer reliable. There has been so many additions that today what we have is an adulterated one.   


We learn from many more such topics like TRINITY, Problem of Evil, Science Vs GOD ( Creation or Evolution ), etc.  

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