Crown Youth

Crown Youth Time: 3:30 PM Day: Saturday

Crown Youth is all about love and bonding.  

We strongly believe that our youths today needs more Love and Affection and above all Acceptance.  

We function more like a family. Where we get together, we eat, we talk, we laugh, we cry, we share, we care, we pray, we learn, we grow.  

We create an environment where our youths feel appreciated, they feel valued, thereby helping them to open up on life issues and mentor them accordingly.  

Our main focus is to get the youths out of the four walls and engage them more in outdoor activities.

And in all of our activities we see to it that we share the Gospel and share the love of CHRIST.

We want our youths to understand the value Evangelism.

Campus Calling:
We conduct Evangelism drives throughout the schools and colleges in Pune.

Home Visit:
We visit old age homes and Children’s home we sit with them, spend time with them, we listen to them and share the Love of CHRIST with them.

Cleanliness Drive:
We visit slums for cleanliness drives and after the cleaning we spend time with the slum kids, we play, we sing and dance and share JESUS with them.

Hospital Visits:
We visit hospitals, we sit and talk to patients and pray for them, we share the love of CHRIST with them. We follow them up and make sure that we are connected with them and assure them that we are available anytime for any kind of help.

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