Crown Women

We understand that women are the pillars who holds and binds the house together. A woman is a mother, a sister, a daughter and there are many other important roles that a woman plays.

Crown women is a community of our women formed with a purpose of leading women of all ages to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and ministering to the spiritual needs of all women by helping them to grow into a deeper fellowship with God and through prayer and practical action.

It’s a fellowship where we come together, share our experiences, learn, laugh, encourage, and grow together.

Luke 1:6 says Elizabeth was righteous in the sight of GOD.

And Luke 1:39 Mary (mother of JESUS) got ready and hurried to visit Elizabeth.

Mary a young virgin hurried to visit Elizabeth who was a righteous woman.

Crown women is all about helping our young Marys meet Experienced and Godly Elizabeths and learn some life lessons based on the word of GOD.

If you are woman and looking for a fellowship please come and join us.

G-D bless you.

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